Trillium Reclaimed is a NE Portland based operation with a mission as class as their products. Trillium Reclaimed is dedicated to the mitigation of waste specifically in the form of wood. They take scraps from wood projects of all kinds and turn them into a variety of beautiful products including scrapers, spatulas, cutting boards, kindling and more. Row Seven helped bring an old school trade into the new generation by entirely revamping their accessibility and outreach approaches. Once again we began with new branding concepts for Trillium Lumbar. This included a brand new logo as well as new packaging for all of their products.


We then moved forward to creating a new e-commerce website from scratch to showcase the wonderful and sustainable products being offered. 


From there, Row Seven created a social media campaign for Trillium Lumbar to aid in outreach for new clients. This also served as a great platform for preexisting fans of the company to keep posted on new products and company updates.