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Park Avenue Cafe is located on the corner of Market and Park in Downtown Portland. 
This portfolio is a great example of how Row Seven Creative services can combine for exceptional execution. We began by gaining a strong understanding of the Cafe’s culture and what makes the environment unique. We then took it upon ourselves to learn what virtues and beliefs fuel this company. The Park Avenue logo design was the starting point of our efforts as well as a culmination of what we had learned of Park Avenue.


Next on the agenda was outreach in the forms of marketing and branding
Row Seven designed a streamlined method of gaining attention without sacrificing cross platform uniformity. This was done with Social Media efforts, New Menus, QR code, Linktree accessibility as well as an entirely new website user interface. All guests in the cafe now have the opportunity to scan a QR code taking them to a Linktree with options for website, menu, or social media links. 


Along with updated and personalized branding, Park Avenue has better more streamlined platforms to speak with the community they have created.